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flag ★ Starbucks Corporation: Buy or sell? (There is a high probability of securities falling)

Forex Analysis:::2019-09-25T13:36:59

Starbucks Corporation: Buy or sell? (There is a high probability of securities falling)

News background:

The US stock market continues to be anxious amid several factors. First, they expect a near recession in the wake of the negative impact of uncertainty about the prospects for US-Chinese trade negotiations. The confrontation between the two largest world economies has already led to an increase in tariffs on imports of a number of goods to the States. Second, there is the uncertainty of the Fed's monetary policy in the near foreseeable future. Despite a 0.25% reduction in interest rates at the September meeting, investors do not understand what the regulator will do in the face of maintaining acceptable economic growth on the one hand According to the latest quarterly data, GDP is 2.0%, low inflation 1.7% and the level of unemployment at around 3.7%, which is the minimum over the past 50 years. And on the other hand, the risk of explosive inflation if Donald Trump fails to negotiate terms of trade with China. So far, the markets are waiting for the resumption of incentives, which Fed Chairman J. Powell hinted at last week. But no one knows how or when they will begin.

In the face of uncertainty, even strong securities can come under noticeable pressure.

In our opinion, you should pay attention to Starbucks Corporation (SBUX). Starbucks Corporation is the world's largest coffee chain operator, who also engaged in the production and sale of coffee. Starbucks has 19,767 establishments in 62 countries.

Important indicators:

The Annual income for 2018 24.7K. It is projected to grow to 26.4K in 2019.

The EPS is projected to 2.824 in 2019 from 2.42 in 2018.

The P/E indicator is at the level of 32.13.

Overall, the company has stable financial performance, although it is expected to lower its profits in 2020.

The average rating of 2.53 is shifted towards buying.

Technical picture:

The price is below the middle line of the Bollinger Bands, lower than the EMA 5 and EMA 14. The RSI moves horizontally below the level of 50% but the Stochastics are uninformative. The MACD forms a convergence to price pattern.

Trading recommendation:

The securities "lies" on the strong support level of 89.44. If the price holds above this mark, there is a possibility of its local growth to 92.15. However, this scenario may not materialize today against the background of a general backlash that investors in the US have taken. The dynamics of futures for major stock indices remain negative before the opening of trading. A more likely scenario is a breakout of the support level and a limited decline to 87.00. We consider it possible to sell after a breakthrough in the level of support.

Starbucks Corporation: Buy or sell? (There is a high probability of securities falling)

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