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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-07T13:38:24
The dollar sees no ceiling
After a strong report on the US labor market and 4% on the federal funds rate does not look like a peak, which increases the risks of EURUSD falling...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-07T22:00:54
EUR/USD. Preview of the week: inflation, inflation and more inflation
Over the past two weeks, the euro-dollar pair has been trading within a wide price range, the boundaries of which are in the area of 1.0120-1.0280 marks. Both bulls...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-07T14:36:23
How to trade GBP/USD on August 8? Simple tips for beginners.
The GBP/USD pair also moved imposingly in the first half of Friday. Traders did not show any anxiety, but at the very beginning of the US trading session there...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-07T14:34:13
How to trade EUR/USD on August 8? Simple tips for beginners.
The EUR/USD currency pair was trading very calmly for most of the day on Friday. And the pair fell after the planned reports were released in the US and lost...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-05T15:04:09
Bitcoin takes a hit
The market begins to beat against the walls of a narrow trading corridor when traders do not know which news to trust more. Bad or good. Options are signaling that...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-06T13:24:42
GBP/USD analysis on August 5. The pound barely survived the Payrolls and the meeting of the Bank of England.
It is very important to tell me right away that during August 4 (the day of the Bank of England meeting), the pound sterling declined by 150 points, but closed...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-06T13:24:38
EUR/USD analysis on August 5. American statistics did everything they could to help the dollar.
The wave marking of the 4-hour chart for the euro/dollar instrument does not require new adjustments. I recently built a new wave markup that does not yet consider the rising...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-08-07T14:45:15
EUR/USD and GBP/USD – results of the week and prospects
As a result of the week, the pair failed to leave the previously formed area of consolidation. Uncertainty persists. The bulls' main task for the current period is to eliminate...
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Crypto News:::2022-08-05T14:30:41
Coinbase Officially Adds Support for Two Under-the-Radar Altcoins After Recent Roadmap Listings
Top US crypto exchange platform Coinbase is officially rolling out trading services for two under-the-radar altcoins recently added to its listing roadmap. Coinbase listed Stargate Finance (STG), an Ethereum-based decentralized...
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Crypto News:::2022-08-05T14:23:14
Tiffany & Co. NFT Drop Raises $12.5M After Instant Sellout
Tiffany & Co. стала последним крупным брендом, который прыгнул в мир NFT с коллекцией токенов ограниченного выпуска на основе Ethereum и соответствующих украшений на тему CryptoPunks. По цене...
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