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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T12:43:27
EUR/USD. Stubborn 4th figure: Bulls have reached the limit of their capabilities
Bulls on the EUR/USD pair are desperately trying to rise above the 1.0400 level: they repeatedly tried to attack the 4th figure in November, but failed each time. Traders fail...
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Analysis News:::2022-11-26T08:21:27
Oil ended the week in the red, and the EU countries are in disagreement
Even though this week ended in the red, oil prices rose steadily during Friday trading. The market is still being affected by traders' concerns about China's potential oil demand...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T07:54:40
EUR/USD. Analysis for the trading week of November 21-25. COT report. The euro currency is once again supported by the market.
This week, the EUR/USD currency pair has again been trading higher. This week, the macroeconomic and fundamental background was nonexistent, but traders still bought euros. Similar trends have been observed...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T12:58:04
Euro: Business as usual, time for fun
Thanksgiving day, the closing of the U.S. stock markets and the outflow of liquidity caused the EUR/USD pair to get bored at the end of the last full week...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T07:54:41
GBP/USD. Analysis for the trading week of November 21-25. COT report. The decision of the British Supreme Court supported the pound.
During the most recent week, the GBP/USD currency pair has risen by an additional 200 points. This means that the upward trend is still going strong, and the pound...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T12:42:00
Weekly review of GBP/USD for November 21-25, 2022
All elements being clearly bullish, it would be possible for traders to trade only long positions on the GBP/USD pair as long as the price remains well above the golden...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-26T12:54:19
AUD/NZD. Marathon: Kiwi starts and wins
This week, the New Zealand dollar received substantial support from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand: the central bank fully justified the hawkish hopes of most experts by raising...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-25T15:17:11
Trading Signal for Gold (XAU/USD) on November 25-28, 2022: sell below $1,759 (200 EMA - overbought)
Gold failed to break sharply through the downtrend channel and the 200 EMA located at 1,759. Since then, it has been showing signs of exhaustion and it is likely...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-11-25T16:52:47
Weekly analysis on the Dollar index.
This week have seen intraweek lower lows and the Dollar index is closing at new weekly lows. The entire rise from 89-90 is complete and we are now clearly...
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Forex Humor:::2022-11-25T20:56:31
Mounting public debt to cripple US economy
Analysts are alarmed about the US swelling federal debt. Experts warn that it is taking its toll on the domestic economy. Retired Admiral Bill Owens, US Comptroller General David Walker...
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