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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-24T12:02:40
Weekly Review of GBP/USD for September 24, 2022
The GBP/USD pair stayed below the psychological level of 1.1050 over the weekend, indicating a lack of urgency to accumulate at the current levels. The bears are attempting to extend...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-24T11:39:28
Weekly Review of EUR/USD for September 24, 2022
It expected the level at 0.9815 might act as resistance in the EUR/USD currency pair last week, as it had acted previously as both support and resistance. Note how these...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T15:43:45
USD/CAD Technical Analysis and Trading Tips for September 23, 2022
Given the strong upward momentum, it is logical to assume further growth. USD/CAD is in the bull market zone, above the key support level 1.2860 (200 EMA on the weekly...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T14:19:54
Euro begs for mercy
Amid soaring inflation, central banks are forced to tighten their monetary policy. They aim to reduce demand for goods and services, hoping to push down labor demand, salary growth...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T13:58:14
Trading Signal for Gold (XAU/USD) for September 23-26, 2022: buy above $1,656 (oversold - 1/8 Murray)
We expect gold to consolidate above 1,640 in the next few hours. If this low remains intact, gold is likely to bounce technically. For this, we should wait...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-24T13:28:22
EUR/USD analysis on September 24. The euro has started building another five-wave structure downwards without a corrective set of waves.
The wave marking of the 4-hour chart for the euro/dollar instrument still does not require adjustments, but it is undoubtedly becoming more complicated. We saw the completion of the construction...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T14:05:52
New 2022 highs for the Dollar index above 112.
The Dollar is the absolute dominant power in the fx market right now. With EURUSD below parity, GBPUSD approaching 1.10, USDJPY above 140, the Dollar index naturally is making...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T14:16:22
MA stock price breaks below support.
In our recent analysis we saw MA stock price get rejected and we warned that a pull back from $365 to $300-$310 was imminent. Today price is breaking below...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T14:24:29
Stock price of VISA breaks below descending triangle support.
Another stock price that had recently formed a descending triangle pattern is showing signs of further weakness by breaking below the horizontal support that was held since November of 2021...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-23T14:29:20
New weekly lows for DAX.
Near the end of August we warned that September would be a difficult month for DAX bulls. In September DAX managed to bounce towards 13,970 but failed to keep...
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