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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T10:03:59
EUR/USD and GBP/USD: Euro may reach the 21st figure soon. Meanwhile, France may block the UK-EU trade deal.
Euro could reach the 21st figure soon amid the decline of the US dollar caused by weak data on the US labor market. France may lock the UK-EU trade deal...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-02T14:31:45
GBPUSD – traders confused by flow of positive and negative news
Investors are making solid profit amid high volatility amid a string of news on the COVID-19 vaccine and Brexit. In the first half of the day, traders witnessed the overall...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-11-25T10:54:11
Gold lost its luster after consecutive fall
At present, the dollar is facing a rough time, however, if there is anything having it worst than the dollar, that would be the gold. The USD is experiencing serious...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-11-28T16:12:45
Christmas rally kicks off. Where's vaccine?
Markets are still rejoicing Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election. Besides, investors are in the elevated mood amid the rumors that Janet Yellen could be appointed...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T06:17:18
EUR/USD: plan for the European session on December 3. COT reports. Euro grows, but first signs of being overbought appears
In yesterday's forecast, I drew attention to short deals after a false breakout in the resistance area of 1.2082. Then we had a false breakout from the 1.2046 level, from...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T06:18:28
GBP/USD: plan for the European session on December 3. COT reports. Pound continues to storm amid rumors of trade deal
We waited for fairly good entry points to appear yesterday afternoon. Let's take a look at the 5-minute chart and talk about what happened and where you could make money...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T01:36:18
Overview of the EUR/USD pair. December 3. Why does the euro continue to grow? Compare the euro and the dollar, the state of the US and EU economies in December 2021.
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - upward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - upward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - upward. CCI: 161.5180 The third trading...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T07:14:49
EUR/USD. Powell's pessimism, COVID-19 factor, and likely correction
The US dollar continues to lose its positions due to several reasons. First, it is due to the COVID-19 factor, followed by the slowdown in the US economy, political uncertainty...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T03:00:04
Forecast for USD/JPY on December 3, 2020
USD/JPY The yen continues to freely roam in the range of 104.05/77, and yesterday the price was marked at its upper limit. The price is currently developing under...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T01:36:20
Overview of the GBP/USD pair. December 3. London and Brussels are approaching a consensus on the "fish" issue, however, the differences are still quite serious.
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - upward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - upward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - sideways. CCI: -9.2207 The British pound, which...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-03T06:51:29
Analysis and trading recommendations for the EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs on December 3
Analysis of transactions in the EUR / USD pair Several trading signals emerged for the euro yesterday, however, all of them did not bring much result. Short positions at 1.2065...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-12-02T11:26:50
Gold may soar if the global economy faces reflation
While investors are debating whether Bitcoin can replace gold as a store of value, the precious metal is recouping losses. XAU/USD quotes reached a one-week high against the background...
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Analysis News:::2020-11-03T14:13:28
EUR / USD: Prospects for dollar and euro on possible US elections outcome
US stock indices rallied ahead of the US presidential election, brushing off the negativity of recent weeks and betting that the results of the presidential election will be announced...
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Analysis News:::2020-11-16T10:12:30
Will gold take $5,000 high?
Experts on the precious metals market became more active, following the US presidential election. They are confident that the demand for gold will clearly rise due to the current politician...
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Forex Analysis:::2020-11-26T23:53:01
Bitcoin reaches new highs, ergo use the correction in your favor
It's been two week since our last article and I have some good news: the Bitcoin quote has reached the projected coordinate ($19 000), and it means that we have...
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News in Pictures:::2020-11-17T09:58:37
Top 7 dead celebrities who still make millions
It is believed that great people leave an important cultural legacy after their death. Besides, they capture the hearts of millions of people so that when they pass away, their...
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Analysis News:::2020-11-19T13:45:42
The US dollar is keeping pace with the pandemic, while the euro and the pound await news from the EU summit
Investors continue to face agonizing choices as they try to determine which one is more powerful - the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines, which will save the global economy, or the persistent...
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Analysis News:::2020-11-12T08:08:18
Market may be surprised with the US dollar
The US currency can sharply rise, breaking the usual market dynamics. Experts believe that it will show its undeniable capabilities in the near future. The indicated currency uses hidden opportunities...
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Analysis News:::2020-12-03T08:11:16
EUR/USD: Breakdown of the 1.2100 level will open new highs
The markets were surprised by the sudden growth of the EUR/USD pair above the psychological important level of 1.2000, although experts already assumed such a situation. Now, experts expect...
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Analysis News:::2020-11-26T08:21:23
EUR/USD: US dollar is searching for pros and cons upon Yellen's arrival, while euro is aiming for new highs
The goals of both the dollar and euro in the EUR/USD pair slightly changed. If earlier, the priority was to be in demand, now it is relevant only...
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