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Forex Analysis:::2020-10-22
Banks are waiting for J. Biden and its Democratic party to win the elections
The results of the US election will clearly be decisive for assessing the prospects for global markets, as it is fast approaching. Thus, no other factors can greatly influence...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-09
The dollar breaks plans
Financial markets can punish investors for being overconfident. Most Forex players expected that due to uncertainty in the run-up to the US presidential election, the dollar would strengthen. However, after...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-25
Analytics and trading signals for beginners. How to trade the EUR/USD currency pair on October 26? Analysis of Friday's deals. Preparation for trading on Monday.
The hourly chart of the EUR/USD pair. On Friday, October 23, the EUR/USD currency pair quite unexpectedly did not resume its downward movement, although everything was going exactly to this...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-14
Gold grows simultaneously with US stocks amid inflation
Gold continues to hang around the mark of $1,900 per ounce, while the arguments of its fans look unconvincing. According to RBC Wealth Management, the precious metal has postponed...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-26
Overview of the GBP/USD pair. October 26. Progress has been made in negotiations between Brussels and London. A deal is still possible in the near future.
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - downward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - upward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - upward. CCI: 9.9393 The British pound sterling...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-26
Hot forecast and trading signals for EUR/USD on October 26. COT report. EU service sector starts to face problems due to the second wave of pandemic
EUR/USD 1H The euro/dollar pair abruptly moved up on the hourly timeframe on Friday, October 23, settling above the critical Kijun-sen line and then it rushed to the resistance level...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-26
Overview of the EUR/USD pair. October 26. Americans don't vote for Joe Biden. They vote either for Trump or against Trump. The dollar remains under market pressure.
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - downward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - upward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - upward. CCI: 81.2937 During the last trading...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-26
Analytics and trading signals for beginners. How to trade EUR/USD on October 26? Plan for opening and closing trades on Monday
Hourly chart of the EUR/USD pair The EUR/USD currency pair began a new round of corrective movement within a new (old) upward trend in the evening. As a reminder...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-26
GBP/USD: plan for the European session on October 26. COT reports. Pound more attractive as traders' faith in Brexit trade deal grows
Last Friday, the bulls made several unsuccessful attempts to continue pushing the pound after the PMI data, but then the pair was under pressure again, which resulted in its sell-off...
Analysis News:::2020-10-12
Experts advise to pay attention to Bitcoin
Experts advise alternative investment options against the background of the instability of the global financial economy and the decline in public confidence in the banking system. They say that with...
Analysis News:::2020-10-13
GBP/USD: negative rate, positive negotiations
The British pound is under significant pressure from two factors: the result of Brexit negotiations and the possibility of introducing negative interest rates. As a result, the pound...
Forex Analysis:::2020-09-30
Gold compromises
The debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden did not allow gold to rise above $ 1,900 an ounce. A Democrat victory would strengthen its position in the race...
Analysis News:::2020-10-15
EUR/USD: US dollar is a victim of the presidential election
The situation of the US dollar has developed inconsistently. On the one hand, it shows significant volatility, rising and falling periodically, while on the other hand, it is completely tired...
Forex Analysis:::2020-09-30
Opposite forces at work all the time in the Forex Market
In the currency market opposite forces are at work all the time. Some companies need to buy USD and sell EUR to pay for goods or services and some companies...
Analysis News:::2020-09-29
EUR/USD: dollar participates in the debate
The first election debate between the presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump will take place in the United States today. Opinion polls show that Biden is currently leading...
Forex Analysis:::2020-10-22
Gold outlook - up, down, or range?
The gold market is experiencing a calm before the storm, but the current situation leaves a lot of questions that I will try to answer in this article. Strange...
Analysis News:::2020-10-05
US stimulus package an indicator for gold's growth
If earlier missiles fired at the Middle East, or nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, could easily trigger a gold rally, now all this seems to have no meaning...
Analysis News:::2020-10-19
US elections threaten many assets
Analysts at the Canadian bank TD Securities believe that the US presidential election is the main fear of this autumn. In their opinion, after the formation...
Analysis News:::2020-10-23
How to avoid losing in the cryptocurrencies market
Through cryptocurrencies, people can earn by trading, mining and investing. However, it should be noted right away that each of these options has very high risks of defeat, not only...
Analysis News:::2020-09-28
Gold prospects ahead of US presidential election
Last week, gold plummeted nearly 5%, having posted the steepest fall over the recent 6 months. Remarkably, the drop occurred amid the decline of the US stock indexes, which seems...
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