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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-29T11:55:21
USD/JPY: will there be a correction and when?
The USD/JPY pair continues to delight buyers and dollar bulls, remaining in a steady upward trend since January 2021. Moreover, its growth accelerated in March of this year, after...
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Analysis News:::2022-06-27T08:38:07
The embargo on Russian gold: another mosquito bite or should I worry?
Yesterday, four out of seven G7 countries announced their intention to impose an embargo on gold imports from Russia. Let's figure out what this means for the precious metal market...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-29T12:06:04
USD/JPY Technical Analysis and Trading Tips for June 29, 2022
In the middle of this month, USD/JPY broke a multi-year high and 135.19, reached in January 2002, and today the pair continues to develop an upward momentum. In our previous...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-29T15:24:24
Gold pulled the strings
Gold's attempts to penetrate the lower limit of the $1820–1860 per ounce consolidation range are facing strong resistance from the bulls. The precious metal is trading in tug-of-war mode...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-29T19:22:10
Technical analysis of GBP/USD for June 29, 2022
The GBP/USD pair dropped sharply from the level of 1.2191 towards 1.2105. Now, the price is set at 1.2118. On the M30 chart, the resistance of GBP/USD pair is seen...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-29T07:21:38
GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY weekly simplified wave analysis outlook, US Dollar Index for June 29
The US dollar will strengthen in the next few days. This period may last for several weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on weakening national currencies in the major...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-10T15:43:28
Outlook for pound sterling looks increasingly bleak
A large-scale crisis in the cost of living in the UK threatens to completely stop the growth of the national economy. Consumers and businesses are expected to rein in spending...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-27T13:01:59
S&P 500 Technical Analysis and Trading Tips for June 27, 2022
Despite the current upside correction, the S&P 500 remains generally negative. As of this writing, S&P 500 CFDs are trading near 3931.0, trying to gain a foothold in the area...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-30T03:11:34
Trading Signal for EUR/JPY on June 30, 2022: sell below 143.00 (21 SMA - bearish pressure)
EUR/JPY is expected to trade below 143.00 in the next few hours and may reach the support zone of 6/8 Murray at 140.62 and could even hit 140.25 (200 EMA)...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-30T07:09:09
Hot forecast for GBP/USD on 30/06/2022
The pound came out of a two-week horizontal movement and returned to the trend to strengthen the US currency, but there is not a single reason for such a movement...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-30T11:23:31
NZD/USD update for June 30, 2022 - Breakout of the trendline in the background
Technical analysis: NZDUSD has been trading upside this morning and there is the breakout of the sideways base, which is good sign for further rally. Trading recommendation...
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Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-24T13:22:00
Trading plan for Ethereum on June 24, 2022
Ethereum climbed above the $1,225 high on Friday, indicating further upside potential towards $1,920 in the near term. The crypto is seen to be trading close to $1,210 at this...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-03T10:54:23
Trading plan for Silver on June 03, 2022
Silver prices climbed to the $22.46 highs intraday on Friday after bouncing off $21.44 early this week. The metal is poised to test the $22.80 mark in the near term...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-28T04:31:59
Trading Signal for EUR/JPY on June 28-29, 2022: sell below 143.50 (6/8 Murray - downtrend channel)
In the short term, as long as EUR/JPY remains trading below 6/8 Murray, it could continue its downtrend and we expect it to reach the support zone around the psychological...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-30T06:50:24
GBP/USD: plan for the European session on June 30. COT reports. The pound is in serious trouble. We urgently need to return above 1.2152
Yesterday was not the most interesting day for trading the British pound. Let's take a look at the 5-minute chart and see what happened. I paid attention to the 1.2171...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-21T05:55:33
Trading plan for Gold on June 21, 2022
Gold prices have been drifting within a tight trading range between $1,835 and $1,845 since the Asian session on Mondy. The yellow metal is seen to be trading at around...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-21T21:37:35
Inflation has put the Fed on the shoulder blades... but not the Bank of Japan. The yen's X-factor that no one takes into account
Judging by the latest speech by representatives of the Federal Reserve, it seems that they are ready to forget about their high-profile goals to destroy unemployment in order to keep...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-13T05:10:05
Trading plan for EUR/USD for June 13, 2022
EUR/USD dropped to 1.0475 in the early Asian session on Monday. The pair moved in line with our projections made last week. The bulls will be poised to come back...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-01T15:19:40
EUR/USD: Features and recommendations
EUR/USD refers to pairs with a reverse currency quote and indicates how many units of the US national currency (dollar) must be paid for one euro. The base currency...
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-15T09:42:33
NZD/USD: Features and recommendations
NZD/USD refers to reverse currency pairs and indicates how many units of the US dollar (the national currency of the United States) must be paid for one New Zealand dollar...
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