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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-07T07:48:51
GBP/USD. Preview of the new week. Bears have taken the first step towards a new downward trend, but will they lose their grip on the new US stimulus package?
The British pound has also been correcting over the past week. However, the downward movement of the pound/dollar pair looks much more modest on the 24-hour timeframe than the euro/dollar...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-03T11:31:26
What will save gold?
February was the worst month for gold since 2016. According to its results, the precious metal lost about 6% of its value amid a reduction in speculative long positions, capital...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-08T03:53:25
Overview of the EUR/USD pair. March 8. The US Senate has approved Joe Biden's $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - downward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - downward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - downward. CCI: -176.1277 The EUR/USD currency pair...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-06T09:59:26
Trading plan for the GBP/USD pair for the week of March 8-12. New COT (Commitments of Traders) report. The pound is not interested in US government bonds.
GBP/USD - 24H. The GBP/USD currency pair has been growing in recent weeks and months, ignoring many fundamental factors. Therefore, the downward movement that has been observed in the last...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-08T03:53:27
Overview of the GBP/USD pair. March 8. A new conflict has broken out between the European Union and the United Kingdom over Northern Ireland.
4-hour timeframe Technical details: Higher linear regression channel: direction - upward. Lower linear regression channel: direction - upward. Moving average (20; smoothed) - downward. CCI: -148.6706 The British currency...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-24T14:03:11
NZD/USD: Kiwi flies to new heights
In the middle of this week, the New Zealand dollar was among the market leaders. Before the rise, the NZD/USD pair sank noticeably, but then the kiwi gained height...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-05T14:38:12
Polkadot collapsed by 99% in a minute: the consequences
On one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, the price of Polkadot futures dropped by 99%, from $33 to $0.2. The most alarming thing in this situation is that the price...
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Crypto Analysis:::2021-03-07T09:52:00
Technical Analysis of BTC/USD for March 07, 2021
Bitcoin price has been highly volatile in the past week. Hence, BTC has known a very high volatility since weeks for that it is still moving between $2,000 and $5,000...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-04T11:01:58
Gold trades on fear
Talks on inflation are intensifying. As a result, investors are exploring a wide range of tools to combat it. Gold ETFs deserve top spot on this, particularly the Sprott Gold...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-11T15:47:24
New round of dollar decline just around the corner, or is it too early for the bears to celebrate victory on the USD?
After updating record highs, key US stock indexes seem to have decided to take a breather. In the absence of new ideas, investors began to partially take profits on long...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-21T21:30:21
EUR/USD: either the dollar isn't the same, or the euro isn't eagerly rushing forward
The dollar continued to weaken against its main competitors last Friday, despite the rise in the yield on 10-year US government bonds to annual highs. If earlier such dynamics...
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Analysis News:::2021-03-01T17:32:08
EUR/USD: euro traders confused as USD up despite improved risk sentiment
The greenback has been extending gains for the fifth consecutive session. On Monday, USDX reached new 3-week highs, having climbed above 91.1. Surprisingly, the US dollar is rising despite...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-15T21:40:36
EUR/USD: dollar intends to act ahead, euro betting on a global recovery
The greenback starts the new week on a minor note, shedding about 0.1% and trading at 90.32 points. Risk sentiment is still the dominant factor...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-02-19T00:05:53
How will global companies use Bitcoin?
The two previous months have been important for the growth of the cryptomarket, and in particular, Bitcoin. It is clear that the leading digital asset is gaining global popularity, having...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-09T21:36:07
EUR/USD: greenback returns to basics, euro expands horizons
The sharp rebound of the greenback from multi-year lows in tandem with the US stock market has given rise to speculation that the greenback is turning from a defensive asset...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-08T21:32:32
EUR/USD: dollar weakens and slows down, allowing euro to take the lead
At the end of last year, most experts predicted further weakening of the greenback. They proceeded from the fact that an increase in the US national debt and an increase...
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Analysis News:::2021-03-03T16:17:06
EUR/USD: while euro is being hit by blows from all sides, dollar prepares to return to the throne
Apparently, the dollar king is ready to return to the throne. According to experts, several factors will contribute to this. In particular, the Fed is expected to be more tolerant...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-02-17T01:46:29
Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies: How necessary it is and what it can lead to
In connection with the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market and its gradual entry into the global arena of financial bit transactions, the importance of legislative consolidation of new types of transactions...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-25T21:37:44
EUR/USD: Markets ecstatic, dollar under siege, but no one knows what will happen next
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell still managed to return calm to the markets As a result, US stock indexes continued to grow, the EUR/USD pair reached one-and-a-half-month highs...
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Analysis News:::2021-02-20T06:48:21
Bitcoin shows meteoric rise: BTC market cap passes $1 trillion
Bitcoin has once again shown that it is the real king of the crypto market. BTC is the leading asset in terms of both the cost per coin and market...
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