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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-03T11:31:26
What will save gold?
February was the worst month for gold since 2016. According to its results, the precious metal lost about 6% of its value amid a reduction in speculative long positions, capital...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-05T16:35:10
EUR/USD: better-than-expected US nonfarm payrolls contribute to USD triumph
The final trading day was packed with major events. Following a publication of the US nonfarm payrolls for February, the US dollar index soared to the highest level in 3.5...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-02T15:47:21
Demand for risk returns to the markets after a short correction. Overview of USD, NZD, and AUD
According to an ISM report released on Monday, the US manufacturing sector is showing the fastest growth rate since 2004. The main index rose to 60.8 points, growth was recorded...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-04T11:01:58
Gold trades on fear
Talks on inflation are intensifying. As a result, investors are exploring a wide range of tools to combat it. Gold ETFs deserve top spot on this, particularly the Sprott Gold...
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Crypto Analysis:::2021-03-01T12:00:42
Trading plan for Bitcoin for March 01, 2021
Bitcoin had reached its all-time highs at $58,300 on February 21, 2021. Since then it has reversed sharply lower printing lows around $43,000 levels yesterday before finding some support again...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-03T06:54:58
Elliott wave analysis of Gold for March 3, 2021
Gold has been correcting in wave 4 since the peak at 2,075 is early August 2020. As wave 2 was a large flat correction we should expect either a zig-zag...
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Forex Analysis:::2021-03-05T13:40:30
Trading Signal for GBP/USD for March 05 - 08, 2021: Key level 1.3825
The GBP / USD pair, before the opening of the American session in 4-hour charts, is trading at 1.3819, below the 200 EMA and within the downtrend channel, the eagle...
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Analysis News:::2021-03-01T17:32:08
EUR/USD: euro traders confused as USD up despite improved risk sentiment
The greenback has been extending gains for the fifth consecutive session. On Monday, USDX reached new 3-week highs, having climbed above 91.1. Surprisingly, the US dollar is rising despite...
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Analysis News:::2021-03-03T16:17:06
EUR/USD: while euro is being hit by blows from all sides, dollar prepares to return to the throne
Apparently, the dollar king is ready to return to the throne. According to experts, several factors will contribute to this. In particular, the Fed is expected to be more tolerant...
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Analysis News:::2021-03-02T21:47:43
EUR/USD: dollar still feels like a fish in water, euro weakens in a hostile environment
The greenback continues to squeeze the euro as America appears to take the lead in the pace of recovery In addition, the sell-off in the Treasury market, which stirred...
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