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flag ★ Is the EUR/USD pair preparing for a new battle?

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Is the EUR/USD pair preparing for a new battle?

Is the EUR/USD pair preparing for a new battle?

Some analysts explain the short-term lull in the EUR/USD pair by grouping before a new surge. First of all, this concerns the US dollar, in the shadow of which the euro resides.

The US currency started the current year with a rise and is trying to consolidate in an upward trend. It already succeeds in this without huge efforts, contrary to the euro, which is still lying low. However, the US dollar remained inactive, weakly reacting to what was happening. On Tuesday morning, the EUR/USD pair was trading at the level of 1.1341. The pair is now dominated by a bullish mood, which can change anytime. The possible targets for the bulls are 1.1364, 1.1385, and 1.1442.

Is the EUR/USD pair preparing for a new battle?

Currently, the US dollar is moving in the middle of the current range against major world currencies, as markets are waiting for the Fed's decisions on the timing and pace of normalization of monetary policy. The regulator keeps the markets in suspense, continuing the "hawkish" strategy launched at the end of December 2021. Experts are worried about the Fed's excessive enthusiasm, which is ready to use every fund to curb the powerful inflation.

Amid the Federal Reserve's high activity, the smoother actions of the ECB seem unnecessarily slow. Analysts fear that the European regulator will lose time to normalize the economic situation in the region. This development of events will seriously weaken the euro, which somewhat looks neglected right now. Experts consider Europe's sharp rise in gas prices to be an additional negative factor for the euro. The strengthening of this trend contributes to the further decline of the euro and the strengthening of its rival in the EUR/USD pair. After all, the US currency is given a head start in anticipation of a rate hike in March 2022 and an accelerated transition to cut stimulus.

The cycle of key rate hikes launched by the Fed in the middle of this year will clearly strengthen the US currency. According to experts, the main factors that support it are the tightening of monetary policy and the potential outflow of capital from emerging markets. It can be recalledd that the continued stimulus from the regulator and the negative US trade balance contribute to the weakening of the US dollar. Analysts said that the US dollar strengthening is impossible without tightening monetary policy.

The current instability in the world is pushing experts to negative forecasts. Many of them admit that currency battles will emerge in the near future. The implementation of such a scenario will lead to the devaluation of national currencies in relation to foreign ones. The "core" of such a war can be the US dollar, around which the entire financial world revolves. It is possible that this currency will take the victory again or share the throne with the euro. Moreover, excessive inflation could be the catalyst for the financial battle. According to analysts, the EUR/USD pair is highly likely to converge on the global markets.

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