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#AMZN |, Inc. Stock Price Inc.
rise fall
Open :108.96
24 hours:-1.1400(-1.07%)
7 days:-4.0600(-3.82%)
Day's range:102.46-107.58
30 days:-2227.48(-2093.69%)
52 weeks:101.4-3772.08
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Forex Analysis:::2022-06-13
US premarket on June 13: US stocks see another shock wave
The US stock indices are hitting yearly lows and investors are seriously concerned about it. Recently, they have speculated about market bottoms and returning demand for risky assets. US stock...
Analysis News:::2022-05-20
Amazon stock returns to pre-pandemic levels
Amazon shares are down markedly from their all-time highs, falling 41%. The latest quarterly report showed a net loss of $3.8 billion. Amazon (AMZN) was considered an 'untouchable' or 'easy'...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-18
Bitcoin is identical to Amazon
According to Bloomberg Intelligence, which draws parallels to the 2000 dot-com bubble: Crypto winter 2022 is a necessary downturn to get rid of unnecessary speculation and build a stronger foundation...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-16
Technical analysis of Amazon for May 16, 2022
Amazon continues to follow Livermore's Accumulation model. We were looking for a decline to 2,351 as point 13. However, the drop accelerated lower. Point 13 is now more likely...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-10
AMZN stock price reaches long-term support trend line.
With AMZN stock price trading around $2,170, we remember our previous post on this stock expressing our worries that AMZN stock price should continue towards lower levels. Our target...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-06
Technical analysis for Amazon for May 6, 2022
Amazon continues to follow Livermore's Accumulation model 100%. After breaking below support at 2,897 it was only a question of time before the 2,351 target would be tested and that...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-02
AMZN stock price approaching long-term support trend line.
AMZN stock price has lost around 35% of its value after the high around $3,770 back in July of 2021. Short-term trend remains bearish. Traders were warned by our analysis...
Forex Analysis:::2022-05-02
Technical analysis of Amazon for May 2, 2022
Amazon took a deep dive after poor Q1 results last week and is close to tap the expected point 13 in Livermore's Accumulation model near 2,351. This will likely...
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US premarket on April 29, 2022
US stock index futures decreased again on Friday, as quarterly reports of tech companies, including Amazon and Apple, failed to give support to the market and rebuild confidence of traders...
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Technical analysis for Amazon for April 27, 2022
The Tech giants are having a difficult time. After a stellar 2021 where the central banks pushed out massive amounts of liquidity from which the tech giants benefited the increasing...
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