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#AMZN |, Inc. Stock Price, Inc.
rise fall
Open :2803.48
24 hours:-137.96(-5.00%)
7 days:-411.69(-14.93%)
Day's range:2750.44-2897.08
30 days:-663.81(-24.07%)
52 weeks:2706.94-3772.08
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Forex Analysis:::2022-01-20
Weekly AMZN stock price analysis.
In our last analysis on AMZN stock price we warned bulls that the bullish trend was near its end, the upside momentum was weakening and if price were to break...
Analysis News:::2022-01-18
The US session brought losses to Wall Street
US indices are falling on Tuesday following the shares of large technology companies, which are declining due to rising treasury bond yields. At the same time, Goldman Sachs is leading...
Forex Analysis:::2022-01-02
AMZN stock price weekly warning to bulls.
Technically AMZN stock price remains in a bullish trend as price continues making higher highs and higher lows. The weekly RSI has provided a bearish divergence signal. This...
Analysis News:::2021-12-01
Facebook is not left alone: Haugen raises the issue of cybersecurity again
Frances Haugen, a former FB employee who has made public thousands of internal Facebook documents, is about to renew her call for regulation of the social media business model, which...
Forex Analysis:::2021-10-05
Elliott wave analysis of Amazon for October 5, 2021
Amazon has completed Livermore's accumulation cylinder with the test of 3,760. It is also completing an S/H/S top indication. A long-term top is in place and a major correction...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-29
US premarket on September 29: Facebook, Amazon and Apple go up slightly after yesterday's plunge
On Wednesday, US index futures rose slightly owing to a slight slowdown in 10-year Treasury bond yields. Concerning this fact, investors were obliged to return to cheaper tech companies after...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-23
Elliott wave analysis of Amazon for September 23, 2021
Amazon could rise futher. We currently see a S/H/S top building and a break below the neckline support near 3,175 will trigger the top-formation for a decline to at least...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-02
Technical analysis of Amazon for August 2, 2021
On July 27, we showed an almost 100 year chart from Jess Livermore. The chart showed his accumulation cylinder and we translated that into Amazon and made the case that...
Forex Analysis:::2021-07-27
Technical analysis of Amazon for July 27, 2021
Can an almost 100 year-old chart tell us the top of Amazon? When the almost 100 year-old chart comes from one of the best stock market traders of all time...
Forex Analysis:::2021-06-21
Buying and selling in the stock market on June 21
Purchase of shares (#AMZN). Large online retailer and cloud computing operator. Amazon shares are rising against the general market decline. It makes sense to buy them with insurance...
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