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Open :46222.30
24 hours:+1478.01(+3.14%)
7 days:-8729.99(-18.54%)
Day's range:44987.8-48313.8
30 days:+16735.51(+35.54%)
52 weeks:3940.36-58258.3
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Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
Trading Signal for BITCOIN for February 26 - 28, 2021: Key level $43,750
We can see a downtrend channel in 4-hour charts. This means that there could be some downward pressure for a short term, we only expect the $ 43,000 zone...
Forex Analysis:::2021-02-26
Colossal financial losses: financial giants are leaning towards the optional use of cryptocurrencies
Traders across the globe have suffered losses amounting to $1 billion over the past day. This was the result of a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin, which...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
BTC analysis for February 26,.2021 - First downside target at the price of $45.500 has been reached. Second target set at $42.000
Further Development Analyzing the current trading chart of BTC, I found BTC reached my first downside target at the price of $45,300 but that there is still downside pressure...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
BCHUSD forecast for February 26, 2021 - SELL. Monthly gains +10.93%
1. Analysis of BCHUSDT volume on Binance exchange. 2. Long-term trend analysis. 3. Medium-term trend analysis. 4. Short-term trend analysis. 5. Japanese candlestick analysis. 6. Conclusions. 7. Statistics. 1. Analysis...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
Bitcoin falls to two-week low, other major coins follow suit
The cryptocurrency market, particularly bitcoin, is going through a tough time of market correction. The main digital asset continues to lose in value. On February 26, bitcoin pared some...
Forex Analysis:::2021-02-26
Crypto investors are waiting for a pullback to buy cheaper
After the recent fall of bitcoin, large investors are going to buy it, accumulating at more favorable prices. CryptoQuant CEO Ki Yong-joo said that the outflow of funds from...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
Morning review of cryptocurrencies for February 26, 2021
The sideways movement of cryptocurrencies ended and they fell. Quotes are now set to either recover or form another sideways range below the previous one. Otherwise, the price may continue...
Forex Analysis:::2021-02-26
EUR/USD: Dollar is beginning to rally. Meanwhile, stock markets and cryptocurrency markets have declined.
At first, the US dollar remained weak since Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said interest rates will stay close to zero for quite a long time. But later on, demand...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
Bitcoin forecast for February 26, 2021 - BUY SELL. Result for the month is + 10.93%.
1. Analysis of volumes for Bitcoin futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). 2. Analysis of the long-term trend. 3. Analysis of the medium-term trend. 4. Analysis of the short-term...
Crypto Analysis:::2021-02-26
Technical Analysis of BTC/USD for February 26, 2021
Crypto Industry News: At the time of this publication, with bitcoin regaining its balance, some key on-chain metrics seemed to suggest that selling pressure may not have been fully achieved...
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