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CADJPY | Canadian Dollar (CAD) to Japanese Yen (JPY) Rate in the Forex market

Canadian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
rise fall
Open :87.53
24 hours:+0.18(+0.21%)
7 days:+1.53(+1.75%)
Day's range:87.42-87.75
30 days:+0.65(+0.74%)
52 weeks:77.9-91.17
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Forex Analysis:::2021-09-22
Trading idea for CAD/JPY
CAD / JPY has been declining since April, losing about 6,500 pips in price. Now, it is near record lows - at the technical mirror level of 84.6. This opens...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-22
CADJPY short-term bullish bounce | 22nd Sep 2021
Price is holding below the descending trendline resistance, however we are expecting price to be making a short-term bullish bounce as price is seen to bounce off the weekly overlap...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-16
CADJPY facing bearish pressure
Price is holding below the descending trendline resistance showing a bearish momentum. We are expecting time to push downwards to the 1st support in line with the 61.8% Fibonacci projection...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-14
CADJPY facing bearish pressure
CADJPY is holding under the descending trendline resistance, showing a bearish momentum. Price is expected to push downwards towards the 1st support in line with the 61.8% Fibonacci extension...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-13
CADJPY facing bearish pressure, potential reversal. Drop Incoming!
Price is below our descending trendline resistance and may bearish from our 1st resistance at 86.986 in line with 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and 38.2 Fibonacci extension towards the 1st support...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-10
Market overview and trading recommendations
Trading recommendations GOLD is likely to fall to 1,780 or even 1,675...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-09
CADJPY facing bearish pressure, drop incoming!
Price is facing bearish pressure as it holds under 1st resistance at 87.341 in line with 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and 23.6% Fibonacci extension . Price may bearish towards...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-02
CADJPY is facing Bullish pressure.
Price is below first resistance at 87.730 in line with 78.6% Fibonacci retracement and 161.8% Fibonacci extension . It could potentially bullish from first support at 86.594 in line with...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-31
CADJPY reacting below descending trendline resistance! Drop incoming!
CADJPY holding below descending trendline resistance. A short term drop below our 1st resistance at 87.205 towards graphical swing low support and 1st support at 86.899 could be possible. Stochastics...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-24
CADJPY short burst of bullish momentum
Price has just bounced off the 1st support in line with the 61.8% and 78.6% Fibonacci extension . Price is expected to rise up to the 1st Resistance in line...
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