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#FTSE | FTSE 100 Stock Price

FTSE 100
rise fall
Open :6412.5
24 hours:+62.0(+0.97%)
7 days:+33.3(+0.52%)
Day's range:6299.3-6414.8
30 days:+864.4(+13.48%)
52 weeks:4837.33-62621.6
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Analysis News:::2020-11-27
Stock markets in Asia froze in anticipation of news on coronavirus vaccine, while European indexes are mostly growing
There are no significant changes in the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region on the last business day of the week. The major stock indexes have almost stopped moving. Investors...
Analysis News:::2020-11-26
Stock exchanges in Europe and Asia took a wait and see attitude
Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region mostly reflect positive dynamics. The major stock indexes, with rare exceptions, are growing. However, investors continue to Express cautious optimism amid some suspension...
Analysis News:::2020-11-25
Asian stocks traded multi-direction while Europe faced losses
Almost no significant changes were recorded on the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region on Wednesday morning. The major stock indexes remain without visible movements. However, positive trends...
Analysis News:::2020-11-24
Stock markets in Europe and Asia remain positive after consecutive introductions of potential COVID-19 vaccine to masses
The positive mood continues to dominate on the Asia-Pacific Stock Exchanges (APX) on Tuesday morning. The major stock indexes are rising amid some pretty good news about the development...
Analysis News:::2020-11-23
APX and European Stock Exchanges climb amid hopes of a vaccine against COVID-19
Asia-Pacific Stock Exchanges(APX) largely traded in a positive zone Monday morning. The major stock indexes are rising amid growing hopes that a vaccine against coronavirus infection will soon be widely...
Analysis News:::2020-11-19
Asian and European stocks facing decline
The sentiment in the Asian stock markets has worsened today. The main indices are sliding following the negative dynamics in the US stock market. In the morning session, Japan's Nikkei...
Analysis News:::2020-11-18
Stock market: APX exhibits growth while European stocks were mostly in the red zone
Asia-Pacific Stock Exchanges (APX) mostly traded in a positive zone Wednesday morning. The major stock indexes are growing, except for the Japanese index, which traded in the red zone. Market...
Analysis News:::2020-11-13
Stock market: APX record losses while Europe observe gains
Asia-Pacific Stock Exchanges (APX) were mostly down Friday morning. The major stock indexes show negative dynamics due to growing concerns about the uncontrolled increase in the growth of coronavirus infection...
Analysis News:::2020-11-12
The excitement has passed: APX and European securities markets are again in negative
Asia-Pacific stock exchanges (APX) exhibited weak sentiment on Thursday. The major stock indexes sank with the exception of a single Japanese index, which continues to stay afloat and shows positive...
Analysis News:::2020-11-10
APX and Europe stock exchanges soared amid news of vaccine against COVID-19
Asia-Pacific Stock Exchanges (APX) traded in a positive mood Tuesday morning. The major stock indexes mostly exhibited positive dynamics, which is a response to the growing securities market in Europe...
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