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#FTSE | FTSE 100 Stock Price

FTSE 100
rise fall
Open :7025.60
24 hours:-130.20(-1.85%)
7 days:-234.70(-3.34%)
Day's range:6978.4-7160.9
30 days:-489.60(-6.97%)
52 weeks:6801.6-7686.2
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Forex Analysis:::2022-09-08
Stock markets froze ahead of central banks' rate decisions
Europe's stock indices went lower as investors braced for historic monetary tightening by the ECB today in the afternoon. The STOXX 50 index has lost 0.6% since the start...
Forex Analysis:::2022-09-05
What problems Liz Truss to face after Boris Johnson?
UK's next prime minister Liz Truss has to face a lot of problems: the dollar close to its lowest level in decades, an unprecedented rise in public borrowings...
Forex Analysis:::2022-08-19
FTSE on verge of crash as institutional interest in UK equities fades
"We are beginning to see institutional interest in UK equities fade," said Daniel Gerard, senior multi asset strategist at State Street Global Markets. Gerard stated that the outlook for energy...
Forex Analysis:::2022-08-17
Double-digit inflation in Britain and recession for 2-3 years
Inflation in the UK accelerated more than expected last month to a 40-year high, putting more pressure on consumers and increasing pressure on action by the government and the Bank...
Forex Analysis:::2022-08-09
Traders have clearly underestimated the Bank of England's economic forecast
The Bank of England's forecasts show that inflation is almost seven times higher than its strict 2% target, and relations between the UK government and its central bank are likely...
Forex Analysis:::2022-08-05
UK inflation is likely to hit 13% by the end of the year
The Bank of England decided to raise interest rates by 50 basis points to 1.75%. As a result, GBP/USD fell by 1,400 pips, and currently has good potential...
Forex Analysis:::2022-07-27
IMF downgrades its rating for the UK
The International Monetary Fund said the UK will experience the slowest growth next year because of double-digit inflation and rising interest rates. Their latest outlook indicated that the global economy...
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UK faces government crisis
Boris Johnson has announced his intention to step down as UK Prime Minister. His departure followed the mass resignation of members of his government, including Treasury chief Rishi Sunak. "It...
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More than 40 ministers and aides quit in the UK
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he has no intention of abdicating despite many of his cabinet members resigning in response to his scandals. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Business...
Forex Analysis:::2022-04-11
UK stock market stronger than European and US markets
JPMorgan Chase & Co reports that UK large-cap stocks offer investors one of the best protection against rising bond yields, especially, if hikes become steeper. The first round of elections...
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