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#Litecoin | Litеcoin cryptocurrency Rate in the Forex market

Litecoin vs USD
rise fall
Open :51.75
24 hours:-1.0100(-1.97%)
7 days:-1.2400(-2.41%)
Day's range:51.66-51.78
30 days:-11.33(-22.05%)
52 weeks:39.53-294.35
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Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-29
Trading plan for Litecoin for June 29, 2022
Litecoin dropped through the $52.00 low during the New York session on Tuesday which came in line with projections of a potential decline discussed earlier. The crypto has carved...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-29
Litecoin retesting buyers
Litecoin plunged in the short term as the price of Bitcoin dropped as well. After its swing higher, a minor retreat was somehow expected. LTC/USD came back to test...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-28
Trading plan for Litecoin on June 28, 2022
Litecoin dropped to $53.00 intraday on Tuesday after printing highs at around $60.00 on Monday. The crypto is seen to be trading close to $56.00 at this point in writing...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-27
Trading plan for Litecoin for June 27, 2022
Litecoin has further raised through $60.00 highs over the weekend before finding resistance and easing off. The crypto is seen to be trading close to $57.00 levels at this point...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-26
Short-term technical update on Litecoin.
Litecoin is trading around $57.50-$58 where we find the first important resistance as we explained in our last analysis. Having adjusted the wedge pattern a bit in order to have...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-24
Trading plan for Litecoin on June 24, 2022
Litecoin climbed to the $57.00 intraday high on Friday, after finding support close to $52.00 on Thursday. The crypto might have carved a bottom at around $40.00 or is very...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-23
Litecoin looks to trade higher
LTC/USD is moving somehow sideways in the short term. It was trading at 54.33 level at the time of writing and it seems determined to resume its growth. Still...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-23
Trading plan for Litecoin on June 23, 2022
Litecoin climbed to the $55.00 high intraday on Thursday after finding some support around $50.00 on Wednesday. The crypto is seen to be trading around $54.00 at this point...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-21
Litecoin challenges major wedge pattern resistance.
In our previous analysis we noted the downward sloping wedge pattern that has formed in the Litecoin Daily chart and its similarities to the May 2021 wedge pattern and break...
Crypto Analysis:::2022-06-18
Will Litecoin repeat the past bullish break out?
Litecoin remains in a bearish trend making lower lows and lower highs. Price is showing a similarity to the pattern it followed one year ago. In both cases...
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