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Uniswap vs USD
rise fall
Open :5.2700
24 hours:-0.3400(-6.70%)
7 days:-0.2270(-4.48%)
Day's range:5.264-5.297
30 days:-1.6800(-33.13%)
52 weeks:3.197-19.948
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The lack of liquidity in the crypto markets is growing
Another crypto broker temporarily suspends repayment and issuance of new loans in its lending business. Genesis said on Wednesday it has placed a temporary veto on lending to its customers...
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Binance and FTX: Crypto wars we don't know about
The crypto market continues to be in a fever amid news of the likely bankruptcy of FTX. How to assess the actions of the regulator in relation to the exchange...
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Crypto mines in Texas risk new costs
Contrary to popular belief, the increased load on the electricity grid, which crypto minesrequire, entails the cost of upgrading the entire network. Later on, these costs are spread across...
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Crypto paychecks gain favor among employees, says Deel
According to global payrolls and hiring company Deel, employees around the world prefer to be paid in cryptocurrencies, although they are still a small minority, a research report notes...
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Investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector in Singapore increased more than 10 times
In 2021, investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector in Singapore increased more than 10 times, setting a new record. Such data strengthens the status of the city-state...
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Cryptocurrency firms launch coalition to promote market integrity
A group of major cryptocurrency companies, which already includes Coinbase, Circle, Anchorage Digital and Huobi Global, is forming a new coalition aimed at combating market manipulation. According to representatives...
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Crypto Market Protects Investments: Binance Creates $1B Insurance Fund
Binance Holdings Ltd. created a $1 billion insurance fund for its users on Monday, January 31. This seems to be a necessary measure due to the growing volume of cybercrime...
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Binance restricts 281 Nigerian accounts
Many Nigerians trading inside the Binance platform have complained about the inability to initiate or complete transactions. Binance Holdings Ltd. announced on January 31 that it was restricting the personal...
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Crypto reputation tarnished by money laundering
More than $8.6 billion in cryptocurrencies were laundered by cybercriminals in 2021 - up by 30% from 2020, a report by Chainalysys said. According to the report, which was released...
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Solana suffers network instability
Solana, one of the largest blockchain networks, was hit by instability during a tough week for cryptocurrencies. According to a notice on the Solana website dated January 22, the issue...
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