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flag ★ Trump may spend $100 million of his own cash on reelection

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Trump may spend $100 million of his own cash on reelection

The sitting US president is considering spending up to $100 million of his own money on the last two months of his reelection bid.

A source familiar with the situation has recently said that Donald Trump, who behaves confidently in public, has some doubts about his victory against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. It looks like Trump is not sure any more that the majority of voters will support him. That is why he may pour up to $100 million of his own cash in the presidential campaign. Rumor has it that the US president has not made a decision yet, but he has already discussed this issue with some of his confidants. Notably, Donald Trump spent $66 million of his own money on his 2016 race. However, it is “unprecedented for a sitting president to pour his own fortune into his reelection campaign”. 

Moreover, Joe Biden and various democratic organizations have attracted much more money than Donald Trump and his allies. Last month alone, Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $365 million. At the same time, Trump and the Republican National Committee have not revealed yet their report for the previous month.  

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