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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T16:00:56
IOTA’s Chrysalis Testnet Records 2000 MPS Ahead of Network Migration Release
Open-source distributed ledger IOTA’s mainnet update Chrysalis recently recorded 2000 messages per second (MPS) coupled with 1000 transactions per second on its testnet. Sebastian Kremer, a tech enthusiast who works...
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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T15:28:12
Crypto exchange OKEx integrates Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
Crypto exchange OKEx has now integrated Bitcoin's Lightning Network after first announcing its plan to do so in February. OKEx users can now use the Lightning Network, a Layer-2 scaling...
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Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax rate
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen surprised everyone when she called for the introduction of a global minimum corporate tax rate. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, on the contrary, advocates...
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Microsoft to acquire speech recognition firm Nuance
According to The Financial Times, US IT giant Microsoft intends to buy speech recognition company Nuance Communications. The deal is worth about $16 billion. News about the deal appeared last...
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BOJ conducts experiments on issuing digital currency
Japan has entered the race of creation of a digital version of its national currency. The Bank of Japan has launched experiments to study “the feasibility of issuing...
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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T14:10:56
China Plans to Allow Use of Digital Yuan at Winter Olympics in 2022
The use of the digital yuan at the Winter Olympics signals the culmination of a development that started in 2020 for China. The officials of China recently announced plans...
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Das Pfund steigt wieder an
Das Pfund begann dieses Jahr mit einem starken Wachstum. Die Erwartungen, dass eine schnelle Impfkampagne zum wirtschaftlichen Boom führen würde, trieben die Währung in die Höhe. Die Pfund-Bullen sind froh...
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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T13:28:15 Partners with Times Magazine, over 2.3 Million subscribers can now Pay using Cryptocurrencies
The award-winning, New York-based Times Magazine now accepts cryptocurrencies as payment in partnership with, an announcement on Apr 19 reveals. Times and Partnership Helping Accelerate Crypto Adoption...
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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T12:10:58
TIME Magazine Now Accepts Bitcoin and 16 Other Cryptocurrencies For Subscription
TIME Magazine has added Bitcoin and 16 other cryptocurrency payment options on its platform to pay for its subscription in association with The revelation was anticipated given the recent...
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News zu Krypto:::2021-04-19T11:30:43
Bitcoin, Ether, Major Altcoins – Weekly Market Update April 19, 2021
The total crypto market cap lost $12 billion of its value for the last seven days and now stands at $ 2,054 billion . The top 10 coins were mostly...
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