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flag ★ The IMF is rapidly "repainting": energy remains a sore spot in Europe

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The IMF is rapidly "repainting": energy remains a sore spot in Europe

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva, in her speech at the Georgetown Law School event dedicated to Black History Month on Friday, shared her view on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. She emphasized that international financial sanctions against Russia will only worsen the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, which are primarily manifested through inflation of prices for energy and agricultural products.

The IMF is rapidly "repainting": energy resources remain a sore spot

The Bulgarian-born economist noted that increased uncertainty in financial markets caused by the conflict could cause "an outflow of capital from emerging markets, whereas we need the exact opposite — more financing goes there."

She also said that increased regional tensions could affect economic activity in countries and regions surrounding Ukraine, such as Poland and the Caucasus.

"We have already seen actions taken in terms of sanctions that will exacerbate the economic consequences of this crisis and will primarily be transmitted through energy prices, as well as grain, reinforcing the growing concern about inflation and how it can be reduced," she said.

Russia is one of the world's largest oil exporters, as well as a major grain exporter, along with Ukraine, whose Black Sea ports are now closed to shipping.

Georgieva also said she was worried about her brother, who is married to a Ukrainian woman and is currently in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, where fierce fighting is taking place.

"When I talked to him, I was very worried for everyone — for his family, of course, but also for everyone there — to wake up to the sounds of bombing and not know what will happen next," Georgieva said.

Obviously, the energy issue remains a vulnerable point in the European strategy, forcing the politicians of the European Parliament to abandon tough sanctions. On the other hand, too high inflation contributes to this. So, on Friday, February 25, a report on consumer prices in France was published, the figures of which exceeded economists' expectations.

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