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AUDNZD | Australian Dollar (AUD) to New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Rate in the Forex market

Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
rise fall
Open :1.0383
24 hours:+0.0023(+0.22%)
7 days:+0.0066(+0.63%)
Day's range:1.0369-1.0424
30 days:-0.0022(-0.21%)
52 weeks:1.0272-1.0939
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Forex Analysis:::2021-09-17
AUD/NZD cross-pair continues to decline
The AUD/NZD cross pair continues to plunge. Among all the major crosses, this pair demonstrates the most striking and prolonged downward trend. Almost all fundamental factors are in favor...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-10
Market overview and trading recommendations
Trading recommendations GOLD is likely to fall to 1,780 or even 1,675...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-03
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
As expected , AUD / NZD returned to the mirror level - 1.04. Plan: Result: This brought great profits, so congratulations to those who followed and took advantage...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-31
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
AUD / NZD continues to decline. In fact, just this morning, it lost another 700 pips. So all in all, since April this year, the pair is down 5,500 pips...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-27
AUD/NZD. Sales in the trend: downward trend potential is not yet exhausted
It is extremely risky to trade dollar pairs today: during the US trading session on Friday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will announce his "verdict", which will determine the fate...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-25
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
AUD / NZD remains in a downward trend. It declined as much as 5,000 pips since February this year. Currently, it is trading at 1.04, where traders can build...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-17
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
As presented on August 4 , AUD / NZD rose, thanks to the buy orders set in the market. The move happened after the release of policy decisions from...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-04
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
The strategy presented last July 26 was to set up buy orders in AUD / NZD. Yesterday, the pair managed to gain as much as 1,000 pips...
Forex Analysis:::2021-08-03
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
Following the scenario presented last July 26 , AUD / NZD rose and returned to 0.92500. Plan: Result: Thanks to the buy orders placed every 500 pips, the pair...
Forex Analysis:::2021-07-26
Trading idea for AUD/NZD
AUD / NZD has been trading downwards since April. It lost approximately 4,000 pips, and is currently holding near the yearly low, which is 1.05300. Considering this, traders could...
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