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CHFJPY | Swiss Franc (CHF) to Japanese Yen (JPY) Rate in the Forex market

Swiss Franc vs Japanise Yen
rise fall
Open :142.04
24 hours:-1.1500(-0.82%)
7 days:-0.1600(-0.11%)
Day's range:139.94-142.18
30 days:+5.7900(+4.11%)
52 weeks:117.45-143.61
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Inflation has put the Fed on the shoulder blades... but not the Bank of Japan. The yen's X-factor that no one takes into account
Judging by the latest speech by representatives of the Federal Reserve, it seems that they are ready to forget about their high-profile goals to destroy unemployment in order to keep...
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CHF/JPY has been increasing since September last year. It gained as much as 9,500 pips, and broke through the yearly high today. This happened after the Bank of Japan left...
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Swiss National Bank pledges to stem franc's rise
The Swiss National Bank on March 7 confirmed its intention to intervene on the currency markets to curb a rise in the franc after safe-haven inflows driven by the Ukraine...
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Japan's trade deficit jumps to 8-year high as commodity imports soar
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Last January 4, we recommended to set sell limits after the breakdown of yearly highs. Plan: Development: The CHF/JPY pair moved by 500 pips, achieving our goal. So, congratulations...
Forex Analysis:::2022-01-04
Trading tips for CHF/JPY
CHF/JPY bounced back to 125.5, completing the plan we presented last December 30 . In it, we recommended setting limit orders after the breakdown of 125.5. Plan: Development: Congratulations...
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