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SILVER | Silver Rate in the Forex market

Spot Silver
rise fall
Open :22.590
24 hours:-0.280(-1.26%)
7 days:+0.050(+0.22%)
Day's range:22.235-22.63
30 days:-1.670(-7.49%)
52 weeks:21.845-30.03
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Gold is under pressure from the Fed, which cannot be said about the stock market
The decline of gold prices last week was like a couple of high-quality blows. The first blow came on Wednesday when the Fed ended the FOMC's September meeting, which...
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Gold breaks above $1,800 barrier, while palladium falls by more than $100 in one day
Yesterday, the yellow metal received a long-awaited boost. A decline in the US inflation rate has raised hopes that the Fed may again delay the reduction of its bond-buying program...
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Market overview and trading recommendations
Trading recommendations GOLD is likely to fall to 1,780 or even 1,675...
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Gold to trade around $ 1,800 - $ 2,300 over the next 12 months
Gold demand remains sluggish even though the price is holding above $ 1,800 an ounce. But according to Robert Minter, director at Aberdeen Standard Investments, sentiment could shift to bullish...
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Gold ended August with minimal gains and other metals ended with huge gains
Gold closed the second month on the rise after June, when gold quotations declined over 7%. However, the asset is below its last year's August records. According to the last...
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