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Palladium vs US Dollar
rise fall
Open :1961.26
24 hours:-4.45(-0.23%)
7 days:-54.30(-2.77%)
Day's range:1938.64-1990.29
30 days:-452.79(-23.08%)
52 weeks:1847.06-3015.18
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Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
Wave analysis of GBP/USD for September 28. Fed: inflation is good, we just have to wait for Nonfarm Payrolls report
The wave counting for the GBP/USD currency pair still looks convincing, but it may soon require adjustments and additions. The exit of quotes from the reached lows gives hope...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
Wave analysis of EUR/USD for September 27. Speeches by Christine Lagarde, Janet Yellen, and Jerome Powell
The wave counting of the 4-hour chart for the EUR/USD currency pair remains the same and so far does without making adjustments. The assumed wave b has taken a longer...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
September 27, 2021 : EUR/USD Intraday technical analysis and trading plan.
Bullish signs were expected around the current price levels of 1.1700-1.1730 as it corresponded to the backside of the broken channel. A bullish reversal pattern similar to double-bottom seems...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
September 27, 2021 : EUR/USD daily technical review and trading opportunities.
Currently, the price zone around 1.1700 remains a prominent demand-zone to be watched for BUYING pressure and a possible BUY Entry. Initial targets are expected to be projected towards 1.1750...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
September 27, 2021 : GBP/USD Intraday technical analysis and significant key-levels.
The recent bullish rejection witnessed around 1.3600 as well as the temporary bullish breakout above 1.3880 indicated a high probability that this bullish movement may pursue towards 1.4025 then 1.4100...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
Trading Signal for EUR/USD for September 27 - 28, 2021: Buy if pair breaks 1.1718 (bearish channel)
EUR/USD is trading within a bearish channel that is projected since September 3 and that became more bearish since September 14. The bearish pressure is still pushing the pair down...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
GBP/USD: Stagflation scares the pound
The specter of stagflation continues to haunt Britain. The Bank of England predicts that consumer prices will remain above 4% in the second quarter of 2022, and hints...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
EUR/USD analysis for September 27, 2021
Technical analysis : EUR/USD has been trading downside and I see the there is strong trend in the background. Trading recommendation: Due to strong downside trend in the background...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
Market Update for September 27, 2021
Watch for the downside movement on the Gold...
Forex Analysis:::2021-09-27
GBP/USD: plan for the US session on September 27 (analysis of morning deals). Sellers of the pound took a pause after Friday's activity last week
In my morning forecast, I paid attention to the level of 1.3693 and recommended that you make decisions on entering the market from it. Let's look at the 5-minute chart...
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