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#Bitcoin M5
Triple Top
The Triple Top pattern has formed on the chart of the #Bitcoin M5. Features of the pattern: borders have an ascending angle; the lower line of the pattern has the coordinates 29095.98/29134.38 with the upper limit 29318.93/29280.93; the projection of the width is 22295 points. The formation of the Triple Top figure most likely indicates a change in the trend from upward to downward. This means that in the event of a breakdown of the support level of 29095.98, the price is most likely to continue the downward movement.
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Double Bottom
The Double Bottom pattern has been formed on USDCAD M5. This formation signals a reversal of the trend from downwards to upwards. The signal is that a buy trade should be opened after the upper boundary of the pattern 1.2837 is broken. The further movements will rely on the width of the current pattern 10 points.
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Head and Shoulders
The technical pattern called Head and Shoulders has appeared on the chart of USDCHF M5. There are weighty reasons to suggest that the price will surpass the Neckline 0.9750/0.9746 after the right shoulder has been formed. So, the trend is set to change with the price heading for 0.9731.
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Double Bottom
The Double Bottom pattern has been formed on #PEP H1. Characteristics: the support level 159.64; the resistance level 162.77; the width of the pattern 313 points. If the resistance level is broken, a change in the trend can be predicted with the first target point lying at the distance of 315 points.
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Double Bottom
The Double Bottom pattern has been formed on #MCD H1; the upper boundary is 231.67; the lower boundary is 228.52. The width of the pattern is 336 points. In case of a break of the upper boundary 231.67, a change in the trend can be predicted where the width of the pattern will coincide with the distance to a possible take profit level.
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