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Tin tức phân tích:::2022-05-20T19:26:33
Gold will benefit if the US stock market declines further
By the end of the week, a resounding sell-off on the US stock market helped gold to shine again. Some analysts believe that a further collapse in stocks could...
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Tin tức phân tích:::2022-05-20T19:25:58
Euro is waiting for tightening from the ECB, moving to peaks and continuing the theme of parity with the USD
By the end of this week, the European currency managed to win back the previous losses. Taking advantage of the greenback's short-term weakness, the single currency partially restored what...
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Phân tích Ngoại hối:::2022-05-20T19:24:49
Gold prices surge after weak US real estate market data
Gold prices advanced on Thursday following the release of disappointing real estate market data in the US. The Fed's interest rate hike is pushing buyers out of the market...
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Tin tức phân tích:::2022-05-20T19:18:55
USD/CHF: Swiss franc gains upper hand as US dollar falls
The US dollar's rally has run out of steam, as other major currencies, particularly the Swiss franc, take advantage of the situation. Over the past 14 weeks, USD increased...
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Phân tích Ngoại hối:::2022-05-20T19:18:24
USD index: short-term outlook
On Thursday, the US dollar index (#USDX) plummeted, and it seems that it may close the week in negative territory, returning to the previous month's closing levels. At the time...
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Phân tích Ngoại hối:::2022-05-20T19:17:50
USD/JPY: Record rise in Japanese inflation did not impress the yen
The yen ignored the release of key data on inflation in Japan. Although the report surprised with its "green color," all components exceeded the predicted values. Japan has not remained...
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Tin tức phân tích:::2022-05-20T19:17:22
European stocks plummet by 1-2%
European stocks declined yesterday. The European indicator StoxxEurope 600 fell by 1.37%. British FTSE 100 index lost 1.82%, French CAC 40 declined a little less by 1.26%. German...
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Phân tích Ngoại hối:::2022-05-20T19:16:48
Bitcoin faces crypto winter
In contrast to the fact that spring is ready to give way to summer throughout the Northern Hemisphere, another winter is coming to the cryptocurrency market. The previous one lasted...
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Tin tức tiền điện tử:::2022-05-20T16:40:55
Binance CEO CZ Shares “Lessons” From Terra Collapse
Zhao didn’t hold back in criticizing the team behind Terra as he pondered on last week’s events. Changpeng Zhao has shared more thoughts on Terra’s implosion. The Binance CEO, who’s...
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Tin tức tiền điện tử:::2022-05-20T16:20:10
Bill Gates Doesn’t Invest In Bitcoin, Says It Does Not Add To Society
In a recent AMA on Reddit, Bill Gates explained he does not invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because they do not add to society. Bill Gates recently hosted...
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